About Us

The Vorlage Race Club has been in operation since 1973. It is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing young athletes with the skills and opportunity to participate in competitive alpine ski racing in a fun and challenging environment. Our club is a proud member of the Outaouais Ski Zone and the Ski Quebec Alpin provincial ski organization.

Vorlage Racing Club: Our Vision of Ourselves

We are part of, and contribute to, the Outaouais Ski Zone, Provincial and National ski racing community. Our club uses the AIM 2 WIN guide, developed by Alpine Canada, for long-term skier development.

Vorlage Racing Club supports and develops athletes with a full range of abilities and ambitions. We help athletes reach their potential, supporting them to go as far as they want to go with the sport. We maximize the opportunity for on snow training. Our coaches help our athletes reach their potential both as skiers and people.

Vorlage Racing Club operates like a family. Our expectations of each other are clearly understood. We learn how to deal with both success and disappointment. We create relationships between veteran and new members and build a sense of inclusion and appreciation amongst, and for, our members. Our willingness to volunteer, and our ability to communicate well with each other, contributes to our sense of community and desire to stay with the club. This atmosphere of inclusiveness attracts other athletes, coaches, and parents to free ski, train, and socialize with us.

We believe coaching continuity builds athlete success. Our coaches all hold current Canadian Ski Coaches Federation certification and we support them to both maintain and improve their coaching skills and certification levels. Our Coaches are active participants in club management and have a strong sense of community among themselves. Coaches come to, and stay with VRC for the structure of our program and the opportunity to work with our athletes, parents, and coaching team.

Vorlage Racing Club has predictable costs that keep ski racing accessible to as many as possible. We plan our infrastructure in the long term, thinking about a 5-6 year capital investment. We have continuity and an institutional memory so we don’t have to rediscover/re-invent ways of working. We have fundraising that doesn’t pull additional money out of the pockets of parents already paying fees. We are recognized and supported by sponsors and outside organizations.

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